Rocio Romero is pleased to announce an LV Open House Tour to be held in Pope Valley, CA September 22, 2012.

Public tours of Karl and Karin's LV will be available on this day. To view the tour schedule and availability, visit our Tour Schedule page. All tours are one hour long.

The public tour is an informal tour through the LV Home. Guests are invited to look around and experience the LV Home space. Tickets cost $15 per group and groups are limited to 4 individuals.

Due to limited parking, your group must come in one car.

Reservation will be not be confirmed until receipt of payment. To register for the tour, please use the button below:

Were you looking to register for a private tour? Try our Pacifica Open House.

Rocio Romero and staff will be in the San Francisco area September 21-23. If you have a site that you would like for us to visit and/or you would like to set up a design consultation please send us an email at or call us at (314) 367-2500.