Thank you for your interest in Rocio Romero’s LV Series Homes! We have designed our
                                                                                              website for three key stages of your LV Journey.

                                                                                             Our Meet the LV brochure is where you will start to learn the basics. For more
                                                                                             comprehensive information regarding our homes, you can read our Plan the LV section.                                                                                              If the LV meets your needs and you want to learn the nuts and bolts of how to proceed, read
                                                                                             our Build the LV task list.

                                                                                             The Explore the LV section of the website has additional information regarding our
                                                                                             LV Series Line. Here you will find LV Model Plans, examples of Built LV Series Homes,
                                                                                             Slideshows, Virtual Tours, and Videos. You can also learn how to Visit an LV Series home,
                                                                                             read about our News and Events, and download a list of Frequently Asked Questions.