Rocio Romero's body of custom design work includes residential homes, commercial interiors, and furniture design. Rocio's experience with prefabricated technology and thoughtful design strategies allows her to craft beautiful, sustainable structures tailored to individual tastes and sites.


We can design custom site-built or prefabricated solutions. Given the uniqueness of every custom project, timelines and costs will vary. That said, design fees typically run 15% of the projects budget. Fees are billed hourly or on a pre-bid basis.



We can have a structural engineering firm that is licensed in all 50 states certify all of your building plans - including the foundation plan - as long as our advertised structural requirements meet your local building requirements. Additionally, this firm can certify your home for energy codes throughout all 50 states.



Rocio Romero can prepare schematic drawings for potential custom design clients, to make sure that your design meets your needs and your location. These drawings will help facilitate design fee estimates, preliminary loan and appraisal processes, and ballpark bid estimates from contractors.



Our hourly rates are as follows: 

Designer's Consultation: $240.00/hr    |    Project Management: $120.00/hr    |    Drafting Fees: $75.00/hr    

Clerical Fees: $30.00/hr    |    Reimbursables Cost: 1.10 times direct cost

Note: Our proposed fees for services include labor and normal expenses related to mailing and telecommuications. Reimbursable items include engineering services, reproductions, plotting, film processing, travel expenses, and postage in conjunction with the project. Reimbursables will be charged at 1.10 times the direct cost.