The LV Series is an acclaimed line of modern kit homes designed and manufactured by Rocio Romero, LLC. Each of the four LV models has been thoughtfully designed to enhance a modern lifestyle and connect its owners to the outdoors. Our kit homes are affordable, easily built, and highly customizable. From our headquarters in Missouri, we craft a prefabricated Kit of Parts that makes up the exterior shell of the LV Home, then deliver the Kit anywhere a new owner requests. The LV Home employs traditional construction materials and techniques, so any general contractor can build one.


The first LV Series Home was built on a farm in Laguna Verde, Chile — hence the LV moniker. Since 2002, we have built LV Homes all across the United States, Chile, and in Canada and France. Several hundred LV Kits have been purchased in total, with owners building a wide range of unique homes tailored to their specific sites and lifestyles.


Since the beginning, Rocio Romero’s LV Homes have met the most stringent engineering requirements. We utilize the very best materials for our homes. Our trusses span up to 24 feet, allowing us to create large expansive spaces. Our kit wall panels use strong lumber materials. We use steel load-bearing posts, which create large openings for windows. Prior to shipment, we inspect every prefabricated component. And we provide every general contractor with a free LV Kit Help Line.