The LV Series Kit Home comes with Plans, a Construction Binder, and a Kit of Parts for the exterior shell of the home. Upon making your initial deposit, you will receive the Plans and Construction Binder. Once you have made your final payment, you will receive the Kit of Parts.


The PLANS are a complete set (pdf) that you can use to attain a building permit and construction bids; these Plans can also be used as construction documents. The drawings included are: title sheet, general notes, foundation plan, construction plan, electrical and finish plan, reflected ceiling plan, roof framing plan, roof plan, exterior elevations, sections, wall sections, details, interior elevations, window and door schedule, and structural plans and details.

Our plans are extremely thorough and are intended to be used to purchase the building materials that are not included in our kits. For an example of the materials lists that are received in your construction document set, visit Kitchen Cabinet Sample Page (pdf).


The CONSTRUCTION BINDER contains construction instructions, a list of materials, a construction schedule, and product specifications. The instructions guide your General Contractor in how to build the Kit Home. The materials list is for all the different construction phases; your General Contractor can use it as a list to order materials not included in the Kit. The construction schedule outlines the timeline of the construction of the LV with all of the different subcontractors. The product specifications contain technical data for materials and products used in the LV Series, such as evaluation reports, product installation instructions and diagrams, product maintenance, and general product data. For more details visit Build the LV: LV Series Kit Home Construction Binder (pdf).



The KIT OF PARTS is an exterior package that translates the signature design components of the LV Series Homes. It includes the OPEN WALL PANELS, MATERIALS, and the EXTERIOR SIDING. Non-signature exterior design components, like windows and a roof, are not included.

OPEN WALL PANELS are Wall Panels and Faux Wall Panels. They are built of either 2” x 6” or 2” x 4” framing with ½” OSB nailed to the studs. The studs have predrilled holes along the bottom so your electrician can easily wire throughout. The panels are installed and fastened using standard construction procedures. Wall Panels are part of the structure and define the exterior walls of the home, as well as one interior wall that is structural. Faux Wall Panels are fastened to the Wall Panels and create our 2-wall panel depth. Faux Wall Panels are multi-purposed; they allow the LV to be more energy efficient and ensure the clean and modern look of the LV.

The MATERIALS include the Steel Posts and Tapered Boards. The 4x4 steel posts are prefabricated posts with welded top and bottom plates that have predrilled holes to easily connect bolts to the foundation and roof beam. The prefabricated tapered boards are installed on the faux panels at the parapet wall and next to every window and slider door, so that water runs away from the home.

The EXTERIOR SIDING includes all of the metallic Kynar 500 coated galvanized steel for the exterior finish of your home. You can choose from over 30 colors. The Kynar package specifically includes the flat panels, the corrugated metal, and trim. However, not included are any door and window sills and pans, nails, bolts, rivets, screws, and silicone. All the Kynar Flat Panels have hems on the back which hook into cleats. The hem gives the flat panels more rigidity and gives the metal a cleaner look, avoiding the use of rivets for fastening. Applying Kynar flat sheet metal is a craft; therefore we recommend hiring an architectural sheet metal company to install them.

How many parts come in each LV Series Kit?


Kynar Siding Wall Panels Steel Posts TOTAL
LV 326 114 9 449
LV150 328 118 7 453
LVL 352 124 10 486
LVL150 354 128 8 490
LVM Studio 253 79 3 335
LVM150 256 89 1 346
LVG 237 73 0 310


For more details visit Build the LV: LV Series Kit of Parts (pdf).