Rocio Romero is committed to producing simple, modern, green designs.


Rocio Romero rigorously employs the principles of simplicity to produce spaces that promote natural air and light, have balanced proportions and clean lines, and whose construction is straightforward and affordable. Our minimalist tendencies and careful attention to detail ensure clean lines. This causes us to rethink traditional solutions. For example, our external gutter is visually hidden by the faux wall panel. In addition, the detailing of our flat sheet metal hides the fasteners behind the material, so all you see is a clean silhouette. Great space is about quality not quantity, and our designs maximize quality living space by minimizing the clutter of kitchens, bathrooms, and closets by tucking these storage spaces in the back.


In a world of traditionally designed houses, the LV stands out for its original and modern aesthetic. It is a structure that celebrates glass, steel, and light, creating a contemporary — yet comfortable — environment for the discriminating homeowner who is passionate about modern architecture and design. The use of cutting-edge techniques and materials further establishes the LV as a structure designed and built for the 21st century.













Our designs are environmentally friendly. We embrace the beauty of the landscape by visually bringing the outdoors in. We respect our environment by using prefabricated systems that minimize consumed resources. Our designs offer excellent lighting and ventilation, making your home a healthy and comfortable environment.

We design our homes to be energy efficient by creating deep wall and roof cavities, which allow us to over-insulate and achieve remarkable R-values. The LV Home has (2) 6” walls and achieves R-38; the roof achieves R-50. Since most heat gain and heat loss occurs through the roof, it is a key design element that blocks the strong summer sun and keeps the winter sun’s heat inside your home.

We sell and ship only our signature design components that translate the LV design, so that we can fit up to four Kit Homes on one truck. We flat pack our products to further minimize the space required for shipping. These strategies enable us to be more green than our modular competitors, since we create fewer truck omissions by shipping less.

We have designed homes for clients who are completely off the grid, and for others who use solar power, passive solar, radiant heating, swamp coolers, water catchment systems, and more. We regularly work with our customers to come up with creative green solutions.