This Build Task List contains all the steps one must take to become an LV Homeowner. The steps are organized in logical groups and in chronological order; however, exceptions exist, as there are overlapping activities. The "Action" column denotes who is responsible for completing the task: you the Client (CL), Rocio Romero (RR), General Contractor (GC), Lender (LE), Engineer (EN), or Building Department (BD). The "Refer To" column directs you to where you can find more details throughout the "Build Your LV" brochure and on



Phase A: Determining if the LV is Right for You
1 WEBSITE: Thoroughly review the LV Series at If you like our homes and want to purchase one, continue with the steps below. CL Website
Phase B: Land
1 You'll need to find land for your LV Home. We have created a list of things to keep in mind when looking. CL, GC, & RR Land Selection
Phase C: Preliminary Schematics
1 CUSTOM DESIGN WORKSHEET: When you have identified a viable piece of land and better understand your needs, you can start this worksheet. CL Preliminary Schematics
2 PROJECT PAGES IN WEBSITE: Many of our existing clients are inspired by the work of other projects; check out our projects and become inspired too! CL Built LV Series Homes
3 CUSTOM DESIGN PRECEDENTS: Once you know which LV Series Home(s) you are building, look at our custom design precedents for ballpark design and kit costs. CL Custom Design Precedents
4 EXECUTING PRELIMINARY SCHEMATICS: When you are ready to become a Preliminary Schematics Client, the next step is to execute the Preliminary Schematics Contract. CL & RR Contract for Preliminary Schematics
5 SCHEMATIC DESIGN: Upon receipt of your Preliminary Schematic Contract and clearance of the deposit, RR will begin the design work for your custom home. CL & RR n/a
Phase D: General Contractor Selection
1 GC RESEARCH: You will need to research and interview GCs to build your home. We have included a list of questions and things to help with this process. CL General Contractor Selection
2 BALLPARK CONSTRUCTION ESTIMATE: Attain ballpark bids from GCs. CL LV Series Construction Cost Estimation Sheet
3 CODIFY YOUR RELATIONSHIP: Once you have selected a GC, you'll need to enter into an agreement with one; we have included a few items and tips to keep in mind. CL & GC General Contractor Contract Tips
Phase E: Financing
1 Now that you have a better defined project, you can start looking at financing options. CL & LE Financing
Phase F: Becoming an LV Series Client
1 LV SERIES CONTRACT: When you are ready, contact us so we can create your contract. CL & RR Sample Contract for Sale of LV Series Kit Home
2 EXECUTING LV SERIES CONTRACT: As soon as we receive your deposit and executed contract, an RR sales assistant will contact you confirming receipt. At that time, he/she will introduce you to your RR project manager and answer any questions you may have. CL & RR Sample Contract for Sale of LV Series Kit Home
3 LV PACKAGE: Once RR verifies transfer of funds, we will mail your LV package. Your LV Kit Home package includes Plans and a Construction Binder. RR LV Series Kit Home Plans

LV Series Kit Home Construction Binder

4 REVIEWING LV PACKAGE: Once you received your package, thoroughly review it and give the extra copy to your GC. CL & GC n/a
5 NEW CLIENT FORM: Your project manager will email you this form. Please fill out as much information as possible so we can be of better assistance to you. CL & RR n/a
Phase G: Design, Engineering, & Permitting
1 SCHEMATIC DESIGN: If not completed, go to Phase C and complete. CL Preliminary Schematics
2 LV SERIES PLANS: Review the Plans and see what you would like to update. CL LV Series Kit Home Plans
3 DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: Once you have approved the schematic design phase and reviewed our LV Series Plans, you and RR will define what additional drawings are required to complete your construction set and permit set. CL & RR Custom Design Projects
4 RESEARCH PERMIT REQUIREMENTS: In order to obtain a building permit, someone on the build team will need to research and find out what is required. CL, RR EN, & GC Custom Design Projects
5 DELEGATING PERMIT TASKS: Once the building permit requirements are known, you can then delegate who is responsible for each drawing within the permit set. CL n/a
6 CERTIFIED STRUCTURAL SETS: If your building department requires a certified engineer's stamp, RR will need to work with an engineer to finalize these drawings. RR & EN n/a
7 NON-CERTIFIED STRUCTURAL SETS: If your building department does NOT require you to certify your structural set and we have made design changes that affect the structure of your LV Home, we will still need to work together with an engineer. RR & EN n/a
8 RELEASE OF FINAL DRAWINGS: RR will release final drawings, once RR has verified receipt of full payment of all invoices provided to date. RR n/a
9 OBTAIN ALL BUILDING PERMITS: Once all the drawings and documents have been prepared, then you or your GC will submit all documents to the building department. CL & GC n/a
10 PERMIT REVIEW: The building department will review your permit set and notify you or your GC if any changes need to be made and/or if any further information is required. BD n/a
Phase H: Manufacturing & Shipping
1 TIMELINE NOTIFICATION: When you are ready, notify RR of your build timeline. CL n/a
2 CUSTOM SHOP DRAWINGS: If yours is a custom design, we will need to update your Kit shop drawings. Please give RR as much notice possible to complete this task. CL Manufacturing & Shipping
3 KIT PRICING: Depending on the degree of customization, your design changes can increase or decrease the final amount of monies due to RR. RR Design Customization and Engineering Costs
4 KIT DELIVERY: You will need to define who is responsible for receiving your Kit. Typically, the GC is responsible for receiving and organizing the Kit delivery. CL Manufacturing & Shipping
5 SHIPPING AGREEMENT: If RR is shipping your home, call RR a week in advance, as it takes one week to process a shipping bid and thereby create a shipping agreement. CL Sample Shipping Agreement
6 INITIATING KIT MANUFACTURING: Once you are ready for your Kit, you will need to submit final Kit payment and execute a shipping or buyer pickup agreement at least 28 days prior to the date that you would like for your Kit to be shipped out of Perryville, MO. CL Manufacturing & Shipping
7 KIT MANUFACTURING: Once we receive your final Kit payment and executed shipping or buyer pickup agreement, we will manufacture your LV Kit. RR Manufacturing & Shipping
8 BUYER PICKUP: If you are picking up your LV Home in Perryville, MO, you will execute a Buyer Pickup Agreement and make your final Kit payment. CL n/a
Phase J: Build Your LV Series Home
1 BUILDING YOUR HOME: Your home construction starts and you can build your Kit! CL & GC LV Series Kit of Parts
2 DOCUMENT THE BUILDING OF YOUR HOME: Take as many pictures as possible of your home-building process! We would love to showcase your process in our testimonials, so the more pictures the better! CL & GC n/a
3 LV KIT HELP LINE: Part of our service to you is our LV Kit Help Line, where you can call and ask us construction-related questions. RR & GC 314-367-2500
4 ROCIO ROMERO BUILDS (RRB): RRB can install your home's Kynar sheet metals. Once you have broken ground and can provide us with pictures and details of your project, we can provide you with a sheet metal installation cost estimation. CL & GC n/a